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May 26, 2020 Update

V2 Frequently Ask Questions:

Q - Is this still a USAC Race!

A - No, this is not a USAC event or a race.

Q- Is this a mass start type of ride?

A - No, this event is largely a solo effort that encourages best practices and social distancing.

Q -Are we riding in Buff Creek?

A - No, the event is not in Buff Creek this year nor will there will be support in that area.

Q - Can I ride in Buff Creek?

A- We are discouraging Hundo riders from overwhelming the Buffalo Creek & parking areas on June 20th.  We trust that you will do the right thing and act responsibly.

Q - Can we ride in large groups?

A - We can only point to CDC standards and state recommendations as a guide.

Please remember, if you’re wearing a Hundo jersey and 2020 nameplate on your bike to be courteous and responsible as you are representing the Hundo community at large.  The social optics will have long reaching implications beyond just our event!

Q - Where are the hospitality tents going to be set up?

A - Natural Grocers will have a tent set up at their Highlands Ranch and Golden store locations.

Hundo - Pedal Bike Shop in Littleton.

Trips for Kids - TBA


Q -What can we expect from the hospitality tents?

A - From 10am - 2pm each of the tents will have bottled water, Clif bars and maybe a few additional sealed items. Social distancing practices will be in effect 

Q - Are there going to be any type of Awards this year?

A - Yes!  We will recognize the follow:

  • The top 12 fundraisers will receive a custom Deuter hydration pack with surprises inside.
  • The furthest International Hundo ride recorded from Bailey Colorado.  Example Berlin Germany / estimated 5122 miles
  • The furthest domestic Hundo ride recorded from Bailey Colorado.  Example Anchorage Alaska / estimated 3230 miles
  • Top mileage award for both male and female.
  • Top Team Fundraising award.
  • Top Juniors Team - details coming
  • Oldest Hundo Rider
  • Youngest Hundo Rider

Q - How do we upload our ride information!

A - Race Rite is setting up a link to upload you ride and will post results

Q - How do we upload ride pictures and videos.

A - Spillt will be supporting a link for the Hundo riders to upload content.

Q - When will the Hundo swag be sent.

A - All fundraising incentive items will be ordered after the event and then sent by USPS.

May 10, 2020 Update
Facebook Video message from the Director
Hello Hundo Family,
I hope that everyone is healthy and had a great Mothers Day! This is the outline that I used for the video. Please note that it may be safer to read this yourself than watch the video and realize that I have no future as a new anchor! 
I want to talk to you about the 2020 event this year and the impact COVID 19 is having on the Bailey Hundo.
As we’ve all heard
  • Restrictions are starting it ease up very slowly.
  • The virus is very contagious. 
  • Many large events like ours may not be permitted.
  • When and how do we transition into a “safe event”???
SO, the Hundo has to make a decision based on what we know now to fulfill our mission. After 11 years we will not stop. Our Beneficiaries need us now more than ever before! 
The board has gone back and forth on what we believe is the best solution. At Core, the HUNDO is a fundraising event. We hope and believe that you will all understand what we are trying to accomplish for beneficiaries, and join us.

Moving Forward with the Hundo 2020.
We understand that you can ride your bike any day of the week for free. However, June 20th, Father's Day weekend has always been the day for the Bailey HUNDO!
The Bailey Hundo 2020 will be a celebration, while we support our beneficiaries. We hope that you please take this to heart like our board members have.
Here is the change - the Hundo ride will be done independently!
  • It all begins at 9am.
  • We encourage you to ride from wherever you feel most comfortable and for as long and far as you'd like .Wear your old favorite Hundo jersey.
  • Take pictures or videos and we’ll post a link so you can upload your ride!
  • We will send you a custom face mask and a number plate.
  • Waive to other Hundo riders.
  • Be safe and enjoy the ride.
Nuts & Bolts
Your $55 Registration fee is now a donation fee and you are in the Hundo period! You will be sent a custom Hundo mask & number plate. We are working on additional swag items to be announced soon. (Clif Bars, Denver Beer Co & Arta to name a few) 
Fundraising beyond $55 is encouraged and you can start redeeming points for Hundo swag in the treasure chest. If you have already raised $200 or are going to get there soon, please be aware that we are incentivizing you with 20 additional points that can be used to purchase HUNDO gear and other cycling products.
Important Note: In order for me to mail this to you on time, you need to register the minimum $55 donation before June 6. You may continue to fundraise until June 20.
Please Go to BaileyHundo.organd register today.
Notes & Random Questions that have been asked.
  • All fundraising incentive items will be sent after the event by mail.
  • No, this is not a USAC event
  • The top 12 fundraisers will receive a custom Deuter hydration pack with surprises inside.
  • Natural Grocers will have multiple hospitality tent locations at select locations June 20th. TBA
  • Pedal Cyclery in Littleton will have the HUNDO hospitality tent on June 20th.
Times are tough for many people right now. The HUNDO board understands this and is willing to help. If you are in a situation where you need your $55 registration donation fee back please contact me by e-mail.
Thank you!

After many hours of debate we are hoping that you’ll appreciate, participate and even ask a couple friends to join us in the 2020 Bailey HUNDO. This is not what we have expected, but we are not willing to give up on our mission. Please join us as we to support our beneficiaries. Trips for Kids, Colorado High School League & COMBA.
Stay healthy and ride!


April 11, 2020 Update
USFS Fire Restrictions and Trailhead Restrictions (pdf)

March 23rd, 2020 Update
To Our Hundo & Hundito Family!
In these uncertain times, I wanted to reach out to you personally about what the Hundo Board is thinking regarding the upcoming June 20, 2020 event. As the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we are going to remain optimistic and hold the date!  This of course may change for many reasons and we plan to make another official announcement on April 9th at noon.
We are committed to providing the best and safest event possible for everyone involved.  Our beneficiaries depend on all of us coming together every year to do this thing called the HUNDO and HUNDitO!  Let’s stay positive, hopeful and healthy!
Keep riding!

Race Director

Crossing the Bridge