Race Day is June 20, 2020

Registration is closed

If you have ridden the HUNDO or HUNDitO you helped distribute over $500,000 to our nonprofit partners and community organizations in the Bailey area. In order to be a financially sustainable event and continue to offer significant financial support to our nonprofit mission of supporting youth biking initiatives around the state and trail building in the Platte Canyon area we require a race entry fee of $55 and encourage racers to raise at least an additional $200 in 2020.



Legacy riders are guaranteed an entry into the 2020 race if registered by March 1st, 2020. If you started the 2019 race you are a Legacy Racer. (Exceptions may be made on an individual basis).


All riders receive:

Goodie Bags, Personalized Number Plate, Personalized Fundraising web link, Covid face mask and metal finishers award.




Important changes in the registration process for 2020. Please check the box at the bottom indicating you have read each bullet.

  • The race is not going to be the usual HUNDO. Instead of a 6am start in Bailey, you will have the opportunity to "ride" with other racers at the trail of your choice, starting at the time of your choice and riding the distance that suits you best! Register now.
  • Registration is $55 plus a fundraising request of at least $200 (optional). The average fundraising per racer was over $500 in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019!
  • On-line advance registration only. We will NOT be accepting physical payments or holding rider safety meetings this year.
  • Each racer that registers to race the HUNDO will receive a fund raising link. Send it to your family and friends so they may help you meet your fundraising goal.
  • Incentive prizes will be available to all registrants who register and raise any amount of funds over and above your $55 entry fee. Please review the information on the "Treasure Chest" and how "Booty Bag" points are earned and spent.
  • All registration transactions have a service fee. Donations also have a service fee, but the donor will have the opportunity to tell us who they want to pay the service fee, themselves or the HUNDO. We hope that most donors will elect to pay the service fee themselves, as the HUNDO is a non-profit organization raising funds for kids, bikes and trails.
  • No refunds will be issued for registration or donation dollars, unless you insured your registration.
  • If you have questions please contact us at

Update Time for racers!

1. To be a financially sustainable event, and be able to remain faithful to our nonprofit mission of supporting youth biking initiatives around the state and trail building in the Platte Canyon area, the Board has decided it will leave in place the $55 race entry fee and encourage each racer to have donations of $200 or more. If you have questions please contact us at

NOTE: We are requiring a $55 registration fee up-front to reserve your spot. You will have until the Wednesday after the race to secure all your donations and claim your prizes from the Treasure Chest.

2. Sponsors supplement the generous racer donations we receive, the HUNDO is looking for companies to help sponsor the race this year and partner with us to further our mission. Our goal is to bring in at least $250,000! Do you have a company that can help us meet this goal Please contact the ride director at so we can give you more information.

All of us working on the Bailey HUNDO want to thank you again for your continued support and understanding as we work to grow our small but mighty race in this highly unusual year. Your input and suggestions are valued and appreciated, so please continue to help make us aware of what we can be doing better. Looking forward to having you on that actual starting line again next year!

Rust-free chains and tailwinds,
The Bailey HUNDO team