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an epic race making an epic difference

The Bailey HUNDO & HUNDitO  

"an epic race making an epic difference"

Race Day is June 20, 2020  

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HUNDO definition. Noun. Hundred. How much? A hundo! Geeesh!

About our nonprofit partners: The Bailey HUNDO supports two youth biking initiatives in Colorado: Trips For Kids Denver/Boulder, which offers mountain biking opportunities to under served youth and changes lives “two wheels at a time”! Colorado High School Cycling League, a resource for high school students around the state to be exposed to the world of mountain bike racing--and developing the racers of tomorrow who will ride YOUR legs off! We will also continue supporting the advocacy and trail building work of the Colorado Mountain Biking Association as we work to plan and build new trails in the Platte Canyon area that both serve the local community's recreation needs and develop Bailey into a mountain biking destination.

Our nonprofit support becomes even more important in 2020 with the actual race cancellation and the virtual race happening!

T-shirt and Poster Design Winners

Every year the Bailey HUNDO partners with the River Canyon Gallery to offer a t-shirt and poster design contest to the youth of Bailey at Platte Canyon High School and Fitzsimmons Middle School. T-shirt Art Work winner Nisa Gorivu and Poster winner Cassidy Mammoses were announced in January 2020. Special thanks to Platte Canyon's Art teacher Jennifer Walsh for working with the Hundo for 11 years!!!! Special thanks also goes to River Canyon Gallery for judging all the contestants for the last 8 years. We couldn't do this without your support.

2020 Poster and T-Shirt Art

Art Winners

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The Bailey Hundo / Hundito 2020 Solo Edition

Event Details - Made Easy

  • Map of the locations of hospitality tents
  • You donate $55 and you are in the 2020 Hundo Solo Edition.
  • Start your ride at 9am mountain time.
  • Riding locally is highly encouraged.
  • We encourage you to ride from wherever you feel most comfortable and for as long and far as you'd like 
  • You may choose to ride on the dirt or on the road.
  • We encourage you to wear your old favorite Hundo jersey.
  • Take pictures or videos and we’ll post a link so you can upload your ride!
  • We will send you a custom face mask and a number plate if you have your $55 donation registration in before June 1st
  • Wave to other Hundo riders you encounter.
  • Please remember, if you’re wearing a Hundo jersey and 2020 nameplate on your bike to be courteous and responsible as you are representing the HUNDO community at large.  The social optics will have long reaching implications beyond just our event!

What is Going On with the Hundo / Hundito 2020 Solo Edition.

The Hundo Board had to made a decision based on what we know now to  safely promote and fulfill our mission.  After 11 years we will not and can not be stopped.  Our Beneficiaries need us now more than ever before!  With your help, we hope to reach 1,000 riders for this years 2020 HUNDO Solo Edition.

Colorado’s favorite race announcer, Larry Grossman will be the MC for this years Hundo!  Stay tuned for day-of live Facebook coverage and interviews.  Post race coverage and awards will follow.

Our friends Mark & Elisabeth at RaceRite will be compiling everyone's uploaded ride files and posting results!

HUNDO rider and marketing guru Ed Rhine with Spillt will be supporting the Hundo’s marketing efforts.  Ed will provide and manage a link for the riders to upload pictures and videos of your ride experience.

Be sure to include the following:

  • Your Name
  • Location
  • How many HUNDO or HUNDitO races you have completed.
  • Why are you riding this year?
  • What bike and where are you riding!
  • What inspires you to do the Hundo?

Optional Topics - pick one.

  • Are you doing something unique?
  • Comment on mission.
  • Comment on fundraising.
  • Send a message of encouragement to “X”!

You will be sent a custom face mask and commemorative number plate when you registrar the $55 donation before June 1st.  We will mail this to you before the event. *  May not be able to fulfill this outside of domestic shipping!

Money, Swag and Love!

Registration is open until June 20th.

Deadline to receive your custom mask and name plate before the event is June 1st!!!!!!!

Your $55 Registration fee is now a donation fee and you are in the HUNDO period!  You will be sent a custom HUNDO mask & number plate if you have your $55 donation registration is in before June 1st.  

Fundraising beyond $55 is encouraged and you can start redeeming points for HUNDO swag in the treasure chest.  If you have already raised $200 or are going to get there soon, please be aware that we are incentivizing you with additional points.

How points are earned.  

$55 is the minimum donation.

$1-200 earn 1 point per $10 of fundraising.

$200 + earn 1 point for every $2 of fundraising.

When you reach $200 in fundraising we incentive you with an addition 20 points!

Please register today !


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HUNDO Fun Facts

K $ Given

Over $500,000 given away to our charities!


~350 HUNDitO and ~150 racing the HUNDO.


11th year for the HUNDO, 7th year for the HUNDitO.


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